How to use General and Sanctum

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How to use General and Sanctum

Post by Citogal on Fri Oct 27, 2017 1:36 am

First, General.  Your General is a rallying point for troops, and can give additional bonuses.  These are important because your troops are more effective, and you may save some drachmas because you will lose fewer in battle Very Happy.  Also, now there are tournaments called "Progress Push," which gets you points when you upgrade your General's equipment.


Take a look at my General, Citogalaxia.  There are equipment slots for either offensive or defensive equipment.  Each piece of equipment has a max value per troop type (light/heavy/phalanx/cav), but some pieces of equipment only cover 1, 2, 3 or all 4 types.  The example below is a Talisman that gives a buff for each troop type, this is a Class IV piece.  The green number shows the buff it currently gives, the value in parentheses indicates how far it can be upgraded.  

How do you get the equipment?  You get equipment when you play positions.  Most of the time you will get equipment, but sometimes you will get coffers that need keys to open.  And sometimes you will get the key.  Of course, Plarium offers you the option to buy these things, but I don't recommend it.  You can see  that all my General's equipment slots are filled, I have quite a few coffers and a lot of keys.  If a key fits a coffer, you'll see a little key icon on the coffer it will fit, and then when you click on the coffer, it allows you to open the coffer.

How do you upgrade?  To upgrade, you need "pieces" - this is the currency for General upgrades.  When you get equipment that you don't want or need, you "break it."  The breaking creates pieces.  Then you use the pieces to upgrade.  As you can see, I have a cache of pieces, as I am constantly getting equipment I don't want and breaking it.  Today, I got the right key and was able to open a coffer, it was a piece of equipment I didn't want, so I broke it.

If you look at my General, you can see that currently I have upgrades for all my defensive troops, and all but offensive cav.  But you can see how valuable this can be.  Keep scrolling for explanation of Sanctum of Asclepius.

Sanctum of Asclepius

When you raid/spy/siege, one of the rewards might be a coffer with potion.  The potions have offensive or defensive upgrade values.  

In the Cache, you have 3 slots in which to place a potion vessel.  As you can see from my Sanctum, I have focused on defensive potions.  It tells you the level of each potion and the buffs for each troop type.  

How to upgrade a vessel?  In the Amphora Chamber, you can mix potions.  Two of the same potions make a higher level; i.e. 2x L1 potions make a L2 potion and so on.  The highest is L12, but you can only mix potions to the level your Sanctum is developed (go to Info to see Sanctum leveling requirements).  

Beware when you Cache a vessel.  Levels 1-4 can be interchanged with no penalties.  But levels 5-8 or 5-12 require either a silver or gold caduceus to take out, and caduceus are one-shot use items.  They are also expensive to buy in market.  

But you can see the value of managing your Sanctum allows your troops to gain benefits.  Scroll further to see troop benefits.

Troop Benefits

When looking at a specific type of troop, hover the cursor over the modifiers to see the calculation.  For my javs, you can see there is a +8.6 buff for General's equipment, and +2 buff for Sanctum potions.  I can't show the offensive buffs in the picture, but they are:

+5.8 - Akanthos (leveled up 23/32)
+3.88 - Equipped (General)
+1.5 - Dominion
+1.1 - Coalition Capital

There is no buff for Sanctum because I focused my Sanctum on defense, not offense.  

Spending the time to upgrade your General's equipment or special potions do make a difference.  You can play and test by taking away pieces of General's equipment and see how the stats change.

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